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Unty Crayons Sticker Sheet

Unty Crayons Sticker Sheet

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Unty Crayons are your one way ticket to adding some iconic color to your shit! Inspired by your favorite colors, we curated something really uh, special. The Unty Crayon Sticker Sheet includes the following colors / stickers...

Don't Make Me Violet - Violet (Duh)

Bad Bitch Blue - Blue :)

My Allowance - Green

Go Piss Girl - Yellow

Orange - Yeah

and Read That Bitch Red - Red

So go ahead and get UNTY and CREATIVE today with the Unty Crayon Sticker Sheet!



I was very bothered at a lack luster event and I decided to do some crayon sketches on my IPad. I made some hue changes to just see what different colors came about and thought "Wow...some of these look like bulk shit!" And I came up with gag names for them and then I was I am so funny, lets make a gross crayon set of stupid names. And here we are! I eventually wanna make different sets / themes of colors so that will be on its way!



Size: 2in x 3in (50.8mm x 76.2mm)

Weight: Quantity Dependent

Medium: Water Resistant Matte Sticker Paper 

Disclaimers: Colors on monitor may vary between physical product. Stickers are laminated for water RESISTANCE, not water proof. Prolonged periods of time in sunlight may cause fading.

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