About Us

Behind The Cuntent Creator

Hey! I’m Anthony aka Casual Covert aka legend icon superstar who is probably the most humble person you’ll ever know. I’m an artist that just likes making dope art. I find inspiration, I conceptualize, and I slap that shit down and make something out of it. I don’t exactly have a goal with my work other than to make what I like or enjoy. But if others fuck with the vibe, amazing! I am blessed to have people (like maybe you) who enjoy my artwork and it means the absolute world to me! So yeah, thank you to anyone who supports my work and passions! Go out there and be a fucking icon.

I always liked making shit. It gives a sense of accomplishment when you look at something and can say to yourself “Fuck I’m so cool.” I always loved bold lines, loud colors, and expressive textures. It just screams more ‘me.’ I’ve done art most of my highschool life, but when I went to college, I didn't know what I wanted to do. Do I get a REAL job? What do I want my future to look like? I went into college with general education courses and I felt DEAD. It was PAINFULLY boring and drab. Just cookie cutter kids doing the cookie cutter path after highschool. But I ain’t your average cookie, I'm freshly baked every morning to show the world that not only am I here, but I am gonna leave a memorable taste in your life.

SO after my first semester I transferred into the fine arts program. This is where I met some of the most important people in my art career. Longtime friends, transparent mentors, and professors who thought I should “reconsider my major.” They ALL motivated me to be who I am today. Since then, I became an artist who is here to create dope art, evolve every day, and show the world that you don't need to reconsider your dreams. Grab them by the balls and own them.

The Gag

Casual Covert is an iconic arts organization founded in 2021 by an artist who wanted to make their life about art. The company's mission statement is to be a thriving 'anti corp' success that embraces people for who they are, instead of who they SHOULD BE. Casual Covert wants to inspire people to embrace 'unprofessional' qualities and become a powerhouse of self success and confidence. The company strives to be a place where authentic people with genuine passion can come together to make cool art for the rebels and art lovers of the world. No high school gossip at the water cooler from your fake as fuck co workers. Authentic people, with genuine passion, that just wanna make cool shit. So go ahead. Let these whores have it! All 110% of it!