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Casual Covert

Twitch Emote Sticker Sheet

Twitch Emote Sticker Sheet

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Casual also streams on Twitch (shameless plug)! Show off your streamer love with the Twitch Emote Sticker Sheet. Stick these bad boys on your laptop, sketchbook, or even your window! Use these same iconic emotes IN REAL LIFE! Show some Casual Covert pride along with your nerdy side with the Twitch Emote Sticker Sheet!



Back during the panorama, I was a part time streamer (WHICH I might get back into at some point). These were the first ever emotes I created for our community and I typically wouldn't want to make something like this with channel specific emotes, but I felt like these were also generic enough for everyday use even if you weren't familiar with the streams. The snap is my personal favorite. 



Size: 4in x 6in (ish) Inches (101.6mm x 152.4mm)

Weight: Quantity Dependent

Medium: Matte Sticker Sheet

Disclaimers: Colors on monitor may vary between physical product. NOT water resistant.

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