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Casual Covert

Pussy Pop Lemon Drop (2022) - Original

Pussy Pop Lemon Drop (2022) - Original

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A Casual Covert Original Piece


Pucker up for the Pussy Pop Lemon Drop original! She is dolled up and ready to elevate your space to the next level. Maybe she needs to ZEST up our kitchen, or lemonAID and provide inspiration in your studio space? Whoever she goes, the world ALWAYS knows, that the Pussy Pop Lemon Drop is the only way to make sure you take your home decor game to the top! 



"Pussy pop lemon drop" is a quote I use quite often. At the time my friend and I gave each other projects to do to keep our artistic flow going, and my task was to just paint / finish this canvas. So i made this super sassy lemon with HUGE JUICY LIPS. She might even have another set hiding somewhere…who knows?



Size: 14in x 14in (355.6mm x 355.6mm)

Weight: About 7oz

Medium: Acrylic paint and permanent marker on stretched canvas

Disclaimers: Colors on monitor may vary between physical product.

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