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Casual Covert

Blacklight Babe (2024) - Original

Blacklight Babe (2024) - Original

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A Casual Covert Original Piece



After creating “Crown My Clit” and “Blow My Pussy” I wanted to create a new painting that was more experimental with the idea of how it looked in natural AND blacklight. I did a more rough and textured treating of the background adding the flowers to make it POP a bit more, and wanted the figure to REALLY stand out with the orange which is a color I typically don't reach for. For an experimental piece, I think she's pretty spicy.



Size: 16in x20in (406.4mm x 508mm)

Weight: About 10oz

Medium: Acrylic paint and permanent marker on stretched canvas

Disclaimers: Colors on monitor may vary between physical product.

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