Stickerapp: My First Impressions & Review

StickerApp Order Experience: Quality, Design, and Impressions

Oh hey icons! Today, I am giving you a review and my first impressions of Sticker App, one of the top competitors in sticker manufacturing. After making stickers in house and the countless print and cut errors with certain machines, I was wasting more time troubleshooting than I was creating. After considering the cut in potential profit, I decided to outsource my stickers for the first time. I ordered samples from a BUNCH of other distributors, but StickerApp just seemed to stand out. If you want to SEE my first impressions, you can check out my Youtube video here

Shipping & Packaging

It took about 4-5 days from placing the order to receive the stickers, but it was FREE SHIPPING, so I can’t complain! They were sent in a craft pad mailer, kinda cheap. For products I was planning to resell, the packing came off a bit concerning. Thankfully inside the stickers were in a poly bag that seemed to protect them relatively well. AND they threw in a free sample sticker sheet, so that was a nice touch.

Print Quality

StickerApp Custom Stickers: Reviewing Design, Quality, and Value

Other than the first sticker in the stack being a tad messed up during transit, I was VERY impressed with these! The colors were not just super vibrant, but also ACCURATE! Color matching with files is never going to be 100%, but StickerApp was pretty damn close for sure. I also didn't see any image ghosting or ink smudges so that was a plus. Very clear and colorful print.

Cut Quality

The cut lines were decent as well. You can tell where the machine started and ended the cut on some of them. But I would prefer that minor issue, than having the stickers all be misaligned. They were cut exactly to the shape of my document, I don’t know if I got lucky, but I was impressed to say the least.


StickerApp Order Unboxing: Are These Custom Stickers Worth It?

Could be better, could be worse. I thought they were pretty thick, but that's just because some of them were stuck together (annoying but whatever). The single sticker thickness seems average. Not too flimsy, but doesn't feel super heavy duty. Granted I went with the white glossy vinyl option, and they have heavy duty options available so they have their bases covered. I'm content.


StickerApp Order: Personalized Stickers Quality and Packaging

Yeah that's right PEELABILITY BITCH! Some sticker manufacturers have a score on the back of their stickers to make them easy to peel, the ones I ordered don’t but it really doesn't matter. They peel fine and there is little chance of you fucking up your sticker when applying it. Pretty standard.


Just because they aren't “heavy duty” doesnt mean they dont hold up! They stick very well and are quite strong. Takes a bit of effort to try and tear one, so that's great news! Stickerapp also claims water resistance and UV protection, but I haven't properly had the chance to test these claims. But they are DEFINITELY laminated better than my old process, so the water resistance is probably top notch. The sticker withstood a scratch test surprisingly well, only showing minimal signs of wear.

Pricing and Value

Sticker App offers competitive pricing for their products, and I found their rates to be more than fair. I paid $95.40 for 200 regular gloss vinyl stickers, which breaks down to approximately 45 cents per sticker. Compared to other sticker manufacturers I researched (domestic and internationally), Sticker App is a very cost-effective option. Additionally, the fact that they provide free shipping is a huge advantage, especially for artists looking to maximize their profit margins.

Overall Verdict and Recommendation

In conclusion, my first experience with Sticker App left a positive impression. The packaging, while not ideal, was forgivable considering the exceptional print quality and vibrant colors of the stickers. The application process was hassle-free, and the durability met my expectations. Not to mention the pricing was the best I could find!

Would I recommend Sticker App? HELL YEAH! While this review reflects my personal experience, I encourage you to explore other artists' opinions as well. Sticker App has earned its place as a reliable choice for artists and creators seeking high-quality custom stickers. Hope this helps!

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