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I Bee That Bitch Enamel Pin

I Bee That Bitch Enamel Pin

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Honey, you need to let these hoes know. With the I Bee That Bitch Enamel Pin, you can ensure that anyone that walks by knows that you are a certified HBIC. Does she look more like a wasp than a bee? Yes. Does this pin make us as sticky as a bee's juicy honey? Yes. Get your's today and show how sweet it is to BEE that bitch. 



During one of the events I was doing I got VERY discouraged / motivated and decided to whip out my iPad and do some sketches of ideas. One of them was this very sassy looking bee / wasp moment and holy shit was I excited about it. She just exudes attitude and I had to pair it with a quote to match. Then she became on of my top large prints so I was like, lets make it more FUN. Then the enamel pin was born cause the glitter is just.. UGH SO GOOD! 



Size: 1.28in x 1.77in (32.6mm x 45mm)

Weight: .4 oz 

Medium: Hard Enamel

Pin Disclaimers: Colors on monitor may vary between physical product.

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