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Casual Covert

Goopsie Bags

Goopsie Bags

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Our Goopsie bags are a fun surprise! A Goopsie Bag contains any flat pieces of art that I deem not 100% perfect general listings. But these Goopsie Bags will give you a great value! 

Things that are considered "goopises" include but are not limited to...

- Miss aligned cuts
- Incorrect colors
- Scratches / marks / smudges
- Test prints
- Minor dents
- and whatever else I see as not 100% up to snuff!

Each bag will contain a RANDOM minimum assortment of...


Test Prints

Other Shit

Each bag will contain a minimum of 1 print and 3 stickers!


Size: 5.5in x 7.25in (140mm x 184mm)

Weight: .4 oz

Medium: Various

Disclaimers: Colors on monitor may vary between physical product.

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