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Casual Covert

Blow My Pussy (2023) - Original

Blow My Pussy (2023) - Original

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A Casual Covert Original Piece


This beauty is showing the world how fucking cool she is. Without a care in the world, blowing that pink juicy pu…gum. She is ready to blow your expectations out of the water with her delicate yet demanding demeanor. The Blow My Pussy is the next greatest addition to any collectors space, will it be yours? Or will a missed opportunity blow up in your face. Grab yourself the Blow My Pussy original today, and make your friends and family choke on her beauty. 



Another panic painting. I wanted to make someone super chill but also have that sprinkle of cunt. The bubble gum has that sweet touch of transparency while also looking super textured and solid. And I was very content with the dry brush strokes for the hair. She is unbothered and ready to blow. But not for free of course.



Size: 16in x20in (406.4mm x 508mm)

Weight: About 10oz

Medium: Acrylic paint and permanent marker on stretched canvas

Disclaimers: Colors on monitor may vary between physical product.

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