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Casual Covert

Spiraling Sticker

Spiraling Sticker

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You know that feeling when someone asks how you're doing and you just want to point to something that says it all? The Spiraling Sticker captures that mood perfectly. Inspired by a friend who knows the struggle, it's the perfect way to express yourself without having to say a word.



In the same stream that I created Insane Clown Pussy, I also got inspired from a friend by the word "spiraling." So I fucked around with some different colored spirals in the different segments. Apparently it also gives Tim Burton / Caroline vibes, so that's dope



Size: 2.17in x 3.15in (55mm x 80mm)

Weight: Quantity Dependent

Medium: Water Resistant Laminated Glossy Sticker

Disclaimers: Colors on monitor may vary between physical product. Stickers are laminated for water RESISTANCE, not water proof. Prolonged periods of time in sunlight may cause fading.

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