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Casual Covert

Crown Bitch Sticker

Crown Bitch Sticker

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This sticker is where it all started, and it's still just as badass today! The Crown Bitch Sticker isn't just for anyone, it's for the HBICs only. Show off your inner queen and let everyone know who's in charge with this bold and sassy sticker. Stick it on your laptop or water bottle and let the world know that you're the crowned bitch. Get yours today and show everyone who's boss!



THE FIRST STICKER I EVER MADE! I wanted to make something / someone who was powerful and also VERY iconic. It defiantly gives you an inside look of the subject matter / tone I go for when creating.



Size: 1.96in x 3.15in (50mm x 80mm)

Weight: Quantity Dependent

Medium: Water Resistant Laminated Glossy Sticker

Disclaimers: Colors on monitor may vary between physical product. Stickers are laminated for water RESISTANCE, not water proof. Prolonged periods of time in sunlight may cause fading.

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